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Here Comes The Bus is Finally Here!

After promising you in August that you would soon have access to a program that would allow you to track the location of the buses your children ride, I can finally say that the program is ready for you to use.  During these cold winter days, this program will help you minimize the amount of time your child is outside waiting for his/her bus, and it will also allow you to locate the bus if your child does not arrive home at his/her expected time.  The Board and I are very excited to offer you this new program with the hope that it will improve your child's bus experience to and from school.

The system is now available to you by following the attached link, but please know that we are presently experiencing some bugs that we are working diligently to correct.  In order to register for the service, parents will be required to input the school code 81566 and their child's ID number into the system.  You can access your child’s ID number using your family access password to Skyward as you did when you completed the on-line registration process this summer. If parents do not have access to their child's ID number, we will be sending you a letter in the next couple of weeks with more information about the program as well as your child's ID number.  In either case, please access the Synovia website to learn more about and register for “Here Comes the Bus”.

I want to apologize for the extreme delay we have experienced in being able to make this program available to you.  We were promised the program would be ready for your use in September, and the amount of disparity between September and January is embarrassing.  With that said, I am happy the delay is almost over, and that our parents will have the ability to access this exciting program very soon.


   Click here to sign up for "Here Comes The Bus"

Here Comes The Bus


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