"We only think when confronted with a problem."
- John Dewey

Math becomes a family affair at Spaulding School.

The overriding mathematics goal is for District #56 graduates to be eligible for enrollment in Algebra I or a higher mathematics course upon entry to high school.  The instructional staff at Gurnee School District #56 is working hard to increase the number of students able to complete Pre-Algebra or Algebra I by the end of eighth grade.  Algebra has long been known as the "Gate Keeper" course towards a college education.  We are doing our best to keep college as an option for all D56 students.  Towards that end, recent reviews of the K-8 mathematics curriculum and instructional materials have been completed assuring that course objectives are aligned with Common Core State Standards as well as National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics standards (NCTM.)

Textbooks & Materials

Kindergarten - Fifth Grade      My Math - McGraw Hill 2014

Sixth Grade  - Eighth Grade   
                                           Math Connects Course 1 Glencoe 2014
                                           Math Connects Course 2 Glencoe 2014
                                           Math Connects Course 3 Glencoe 2014
                                           Pre-Algebra                       Glencoe 2014
                                           Algebra I                            Glencoe 2014
                                           Geometry                          Glencoe 2014

Fifth - Eighth Grade               Algeblocks/Algebra Works

Middle school math teachers study recommended
strategies for increasing student engagement.

Professional Development

The math teachers at Gurnee School District 56 will continue to receive support with the use of these newer program.  Staff will continue to work with representatives from the publishin company, accessing online training modules and working collaboratively with their colleagues to tap into all of the resources provided by these new series. 

Mrs. Carnduff practices with Algeblocks!