Language Arts

Language Arts

"Once you have learned to read you will be free forever."
-Fredrick Douglas

Developing strong readers and writers is one of the paramount goals of any school district.  Students and teachers spend most of their day at Gurnee District #56 working towards enhanced skills in these areas.  While primary students are learning to read and write, students in the mid to upper grades are reading and writing to learn, across all content areas.  In a society with ever increasing technology leading the way, the need to be a fluent reader and writer has not diminished. The challenge for teachers is to craft lessons and opportunities for students to continually work on these skills while learning the ever expanding content that is created every day across our world.

Textbooks and Materials

Kindergarten - Second Grade    Superkids     2010
                                                      Zaner-Bloser/Rowland Reading
Third Grade - Fifth Grade           Reading
                                                      Houghton Mifflin     2001
Sixth - Eighth Grade               Literature (Timeless Voices, Timeless  Themes                                                        Prentice Hall      2002, 2005
                                                 Copper, Bronze, Silver

Kindergarten - Second Grade  Superkids     2010
Kindergarten - Fifth Grade       Step Up to Writing     Cambium Learning      2008 (Teacher Materials Only)
                                                  6+1 Traits of Writing  Scholastic                     2003                                                   (Teacher Materials Only)
                                                 Northwest Regional Laboratory

Sixth - Eighth Grade               Writing and Grammar  Prentice Hall               2004
                                                 Copper, Bronze, Silver

Professional Development

Kindergarten - Second Grade classroom teachers are receiving training and coaching on the newly adopted program, Superkids.  Teachers continue to receive refreshers, as needed for the the remaining programs.    The focus for reading and writing has moved towards the increased use of non-fiction.  Common Core State Standards has made clear the belief that non-fiction reading and writing has a strong impact on the overall achievement level of the learners.  To this end, D56 is working with teachers to find open source content and instructional strategies, such as Socratic Seminar that will support these efforts.