Belief Statements

We Believe... 
...children are the first priority

 Every decision and action must be based on the needs of children.

We Believe...
...diverse opportunities and challenges allow for each student's gifts and talents to be discovered and encouraged.

 District 56 has the responsibility to offer a wide range of learning opportunities.  Through experiences in areas such as athletics, fine arts, and clubs, children can explore their interests and discover talents and joys beyond the routine education program.

We Believe... emotionally and physically comfortable, safe environment is most conducive for effective teaching and learning.

The schools should be free of physical hazards, as well as, social and emotional threats.  All members of the learning community are entitled to a mutually comfortable arena, which encourages risk-taking and facilitates learning.

We Believe...
in learning communities where students are supported to become self directed, lifelong learners.

We define a "learning community" as a place where cultural diversity is celebrated and academic needs are recognized and supported.  This belief encourages students to use what they have learned and experienced to become critical and creative problem solvers.

We Believe...
...each student's opportunity for independence and success is maximized through the emphasis of all essential like skills, including reading, writing, and mathematics.

District 56 has the responsibility to emphasize the basic and crucial skills of reading, writing, and mathematics whenever they are realistic goals for a student.  An acknowledgement of and sensitivity to each student's individual abilities and potential must be an integral part of that student's educational path.

We Believe... a learning community of integrity that promotes positive character and good citizenship.

All members of the learning community practice respect and responsibility.

We Believe... the optimal use of all resources.

District 56 has the responsibility to maximize the talents and energies of all human resources within the community.  In addition, we will efficiently utilize all available facilities, time, and finances.

We Believe...
...the alliance of home, school, and community promotes student success.

Everyone concerned with the child's development has a unique role in this partnership.